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Friday 02/23/2018 07:30:26 MST
Thank you for visiting my site. Here you can leave your comments.
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130 Usama
Location: India

Thursday 04/03/2014 00:19:45 MDT
very good cases , quite helpful

Background: PG radio student
129 Neuroguy
Location: McGill Univ

Wednesday 03/19/2014 21:36:17 MDT
Awesome website, perfect for trainees.

Thanks for sharing this great work!

Background: Radiology Resident
128 Oana
Location: Romania

Tuesday 03/18/2014 10:20:04 MDT
Excellent site. Thank you !

Background: Radiologist
127 Michel Audette
Location: Norfolk, VA

Thursday 03/13/2014 20:16:27 MDT
Fantastic level of descriptiveness. I think that we could work together on projects in neurosurgery simulation and planning that build on your work. I hope that I can elicit your interest.



Background: biomedical engineer (PhD); interest in simulation and model-based planning of neurosurgery
126 Richard Jones
Location: UK

Thursday 03/13/2014 09:40:42 MDT
Congratulations on a superb website - the interactive, colour-coded, multiview images are an excellent teaching and learning resource.

An addition that would be particularly useful in my teaching would be a (neuro)anatomy module on the skull and face, in a similar style to your skull base module. It would also be great if some of your cases were interactive.

Background: Forensic Pathology
125 Deepak
Location: Sydney

Sunday 03/09/2014 04:07:41 MDT
Excellent site. Thank you for all your efforts in putting up such an awesome teaching resource.

Background: Radiologist
124 radiology resident

Sunday 03/02/2014 10:29:34 MST
thanks so much for the time and effort it took to develop such an amazing website. i have used it throughout my residency training - very helpful!

Background: radiology resident
123 David
Location: Chicago

Tuesday 02/11/2014 10:46:15 MST
Hours of boring conferences are often punctuated by transitions of your beautifully illustrated cases.

Thanks for bettering medical learning.


Background: Neurosurgery Resident
122 PM
Location: India

Sunday 02/09/2014 01:25:17 MST
Excellent. V helpful. Thanks.

Background: MD
121 Siyuan Fan
Location: Beijing,China

Friday 02/07/2014 21:06:19 MST
This website is great! Thanks for your kindness!

Background: MD
120 rao

Thursday 02/06/2014 10:09:16 MST
thank you. awesome site, really helpful.


Background: md
119 George

Tuesday 02/04/2014 16:01:28 MST
I just wanna say thanks.

Background: Student
118 CQ
Location: NY

Wednesday 01/29/2014 17:38:17 MST
Really awesome website, a lot more user friendly than e-anatomy!!!

Background: Rad Onc Resident
117 dr santanu
Location: kolkata,india

Monday 01/27/2014 09:54:00 MST
best website to learn radioanatomy.

Background: post graduate student of MD Radiology
116 Eric
Location: Miami

Saturday 01/25/2014 12:56:46 MST
Spectacular learning tool!

If you guys could add on 3D angioraphy, this would be all I'd need to study.

Background: Med Student
115 samir sonar
Location: kolkata india

Thursday 01/23/2014 12:59:39 MST
thanks awesome site

Background: radiology resident
114 Mark
Location: PA

Thursday 01/09/2014 00:18:23 MST
awesome! absolutely awesome learning tool.

Background: ENT Resident
113 mahdy
Location: cairo/egypt

Saturday 01/04/2014 12:56:14 MST
great thanks for such great effort of utmost value

Background: radiologist
112 Brandon
Location: USA

Saturday 01/04/2014 11:24:03 MST
Thank you so much for this amazing website. This is the single best resource for learning how to read CT's that I have ever come across. I refer all my co-residents and medical students to it. THANKS!

Background: ENT resident
111 Dev
Location: UK

Saturday 12/28/2013 11:12:37 MST
Fantastic site! Very informative.

Background: Max Facs SHO
110 AJ
Location: Detroit

Tuesday 12/24/2013 21:39:42 MST
Fantastic images, software. Excellent learning environment and great learning cases.

Background: Neurology
109 Ryan

Sunday 12/08/2013 10:07:55 MST
Awesome website. Thank you so much for putting this together. This site has been so helpful to me in learning anatomy and taking cases for my neurorads rotation.... Way better than e-anatomy, anatomy from text books, etc.

Appreciate all the effort that was put in to making this.

Background: radiology resident
108 sahar

Tuesday 11/26/2013 17:43:56 MST
fantastic site for learning neurology cases

Background: radiology
107 Abhishek Kumar Singh
Location: Bhavnagar,Gujarat

Monday 11/25/2013 09:56:31 MST
great work,,,this is jst awsome... very very very helpful... thanks a lot.... keep going Sir...

Background: ENT Resident
106 Dalia
Location: Egypt

Friday 11/22/2013 00:14:55 MST
A Splendid valuable website !! Thank you very much for your great effort!!

Background: Radiologist
105 Khan A
Location: Germany

Thursday 11/21/2013 07:12:52 MST
This site provides so much and so quickly and way more information then looking in Books for specific.

I thank you all for the outstanding efforts.

Background: Green
104 Hutu Antani
Location: Rome

Friday 11/15/2013 02:49:53 MST
Thank you for this great and useless site.

Great work!!!

Background: Radiologist
103 Nitin sharma
Location: new delhi

Tuesday 11/05/2013 06:00:52 MST
thanks,for give us better knowledge about RADIOLLOGY notes.

Background: radiographer
102 Iván
Location: Toledo, España

Thursday 10/24/2013 12:21:39 MDT
Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this site.

Background: radiology resident
101 Parveen Ahlawat
Location: Haryana, India

Tuesday 10/22/2013 21:55:19 MDT

Background: TECHNICIAN
100 Joel

Friday 10/11/2013 16:59:34 MDT
excellent review thank you

Background: neurosurgery resident
99 balachandran
Location: india

Friday 10/11/2013 09:24:03 MDT
your modules are simply superb.

Background: radiology teacher
98 Shee
Location: Chicago, IL

Tuesday 10/08/2013 17:15:35 MDT
Thank you so much for making this! It's very helpful! There is a site charging for what this site is showing. Thank you for making it free for struggling medical students like me.



Background: Thanks a lot!
97 Melissa

Wednesday 10/02/2013 20:16:57 MDT
Thank you so much for this site - it is exactly what I have been looking for!!!!

Background: MRI technologist
96 milind
Location: sharjah UAE

Wednesday 09/25/2013 12:07:43 MDT
great job, the interactive display is excellent, pl keep it up

Background: radiologist
95 Dr Dung LT
Location: Ha noi Viet Nam

Monday 09/23/2013 08:36:11 MDT
it's a wonderful website. it's really help me a lot

Background: radiologist
94 jonathan gordon
Location: england

Friday 09/20/2013 05:05:33 MDT
this site is great, extreamly helpful.

Background: rad student
93 LJS

Sunday 09/15/2013 20:24:13 MDT
Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this site. It's been invaluable on my neuroradiology rotation!

Background: radiology resident
92 Jirgis
Location: Wisconsin

Sunday 09/15/2013 18:46:27 MDT
Excellent site

Helping me on daily basis in the neuroICU and preparing for the neurocritical care boards

Thank you

Background: Intensivist
91 Dr Badr
Location: SA

Tuesday 09/10/2013 19:11:16 MDT
Fantastic website! Thank you..

Background: oral and maxillofacial radiology resident
90 Pamela Correia
Location: India

Sunday 09/08/2013 09:08:13 MDT
This is the best MRI site ever. If possible please include MRI spine.

Background: Neurologist
89 Dr G
Location: New Jersey

Thursday 08/22/2013 14:38:35 MDT
This is the best CT anatomy site I have seen so far. Please keep it going! I use it as a reference regularly.

Background: Practicing radiologist
88 tufail
Location: pakistan

Thursday 08/22/2013 05:48:50 MDT
a very fruitful site for of the best.

Background: radiology trainee
Location: GUJRAT

Wednesday 08/14/2013 06:56:46 MDT
good cases..refreshing site...

86 bushra
Location: pakistan

Wednesday 08/07/2013 00:15:27 MDT
awesome website! ever radiology website for beginners..

Background: radiology resident
85 Paul
Location: Poland

Wednesday 07/17/2013 07:25:46 MDT
I love this site thank you!

Background: radiology
84 Hussein

Tuesday 07/09/2013 01:09:18 MDT
Excellent work!!! well done!!!

Background: MRI scientist
83 guruprasad mehetri
Location: delhi

Friday 06/28/2013 13:41:55 MDT
wow what a web site to understand neuro radiology.Best part of it is cases provided with all sequences that help to understand the subject clearly which is crisp and brief. THANKS

Background: radiologist
82 Muhammad Khan
Location: London, UK

Friday 06/21/2013 05:04:25 MDT
Thank you so much for this wonderful and very useful site. It helps me a lot to understand brain MRI.

Background: Psychiatry trainee
81 Daniel Sossa B.
Location: Chapel Hill

Monday 06/03/2013 12:57:40 MDT
Good work... Congratulations and thank you a lot...

Background: Radiologist