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To load the Neck CT Cervical Lymph Node Level anatomy module in a new window click on its image above. Given that the file is large, loading may take a few minutes.                                                                                                                

The module interface is meant to mimic a radiology workstation with adjacent image scrolling via arrow keys and or mouse wheel button. Hover the cursor over a structure of interest; if active, its name will appear underneath the image. 

List of annotated structures:

Delimiting structures:
   Sternocleidomastoid muscle
   Hyoid bone
   Internal jugular vein
   Trapezius muscle
   Submandibular gland

Lymph node levels:
   Level Ia
   Level Ib
   Level IIa
   Level IIb
   Level III
   Level IV
   Level Va
   Level Vb
   Level VI
   Level VII
   Supraclavidular space