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To load the Sinus CT anatomy module in a new window click on its image above. Given that the file is large, loading may take a few minutes.                                                                                                                

The module interface is meant to mimic a radiology workstation with adjacent image scrolling via arrow keys and or mouse wheel button. Hover the cursor over a structure of interest; if active, its name will appear underneath the image. Clicking the mouse button in an active area will synchronize and cross reference all image planes.  To instantly navigate in all image planes move the mouse while holding down the mouse button.  

List of annotated structures:

   Frontal bone
   Ethmoid (perpendicular plate, lamina papyracea, crista galli)

Nasal cavity:
   Supreme turbinate
   Superior superior turbinate
   Superior turbinate
   Middle turbinate
   Inferior turbinate
   Supreme meatus
   Superior meatus
   Middle meatus
   Inferior meatus
   Nasal cavity
   Olfactory recess

Nasolacrimal duct

Frontal sinus
   Frontal recess

   Anterior ethmoid air cells (Haller cell, ethmoid bulla, agger nasi cell)
   Posterior ethmoid air cells
   Basal lamella

Sphenoid sinus
   Sphenoethmoidal recess

Maxillary sinus

Ostiomeatal complex:
   Uncinate process

   Nasal septum
   Pterygopalatine fossa
   Foramen rotundum / V2 nerve (maxillary division of trigeminal nerve)
   Greater palatine foramen
   Lesser palatine foramen
   Infraorbital canal
   Pterygoid canal / vidian nerve

   Inferior orbital fissure