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To load the Temporal Bone CT anatomy module in a new window click on its image above. Given that the file is large, loading may take a few minutes.                                                                                                                

The module interface is meant to mimic a radiology workstation with adjacent image scrolling via arrow keys and or mouse wheel button. Hover the cursor over a structure of interest; if active, its name will appear underneath the image. Clicking the mouse button in an active area will synchronize and cross reference all image planes.  To instantly navigate in all image planes move the mouse while holding down the mouse button.  

List of annotated structures


Vestibular system

  • vestibular aqueduct
  • posterior semicircular canal
  • horizontal semicircular canal
  • superior semicircular canal
  • common crus
  • vestibule


  • round window
  • cochlear aqueduct
  • modiolus
  • apical turn
  • middle turn
  • basal turn


Middle ear cavity

  • aditus ad antrum
  • facial recess
  • sinus tympani
  • pyramidal eminence
  • cochlear promontory
  • tegmen tympani
  • scutum
  • prussak's space
  • epitympanum
  • hypotympanum
  • mesotympanum
  • anterior malleolar ligament
  • stapedial muscle
  • tympanic membrane